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Completing annual tax returns and paying taxes are essential elements of life in Australia.

This provides essential funding for the services and infrastructure that form the backbone of our nation and support our high standard of living.

This is why it is important that all Australians pay the correct amount of tax in a timely manner.

There is no expectation that a tip be left for the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Instead, it is expected that Australians will simply fulfil their obligations in a prompt and timely manner, enabling the ATO to continue its important work in the proper administration of the taxation system

Assuris Financial Independence Group

Business Tax Experts Delivering Efficient Compliance Solutions

It's Never Too Late To Wipe The Slate Clean


If you find yourself in the position of having overdue annual tax returns, it is important to seek professional advice from a qualified tax agent.

The ATO has strict rules regarding the filing of tax returns and any late submissions can be subject to penalty. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away and can lead to significant financial and even legal repercussions.

It is best to act quickly and work with a professional to ensure that you are in compliance with all of your tax obligations. A qualified tax accountant can provide specialised advice to help meet your tax obligations and ensure compliance with filing deadlines for future tax returns.

Taking advantage of expert advice when dealing with overdue tax returns can save you time, money and stress in the long run.

With the right help, you can get your taxes in order and move forward with a clean slate.

Expert advice and solutions to your tax related needs.


Assuris FIG is an accounting firm of the future.

A digitally enabled practice, we invest heavily in the latest technology including Intuit Suite of QuickBooks Online cloud accounting and bookkeeping software.

Delivering to you a choice of platforms income tax service:

  • Face to face in our office,
  • Virtually via secure web call from your browser and,
    Over the phone.
    Whichever option suits you best, we are here to make your taxation and business life, easier.

Assuris FIG is a registered tax agent. We get your tax return done efficiently and accurately, giving you peace of mind at tax time.

Our business accounting professionals are passionate about helping you with the process, providing a simple and stress-free experience for professional tax preparation.

Services Designed To Support Your Business Journey


Assuris Financial Independence Group (Assuris FIG) are based in Melbourne and offer business owners a holistic approach to their business services, including accounting and taxation.

Made for you: Our range of tax accounting services are designed to efficiently manage different tax obligations, from filing returns and dealing with the Australian Tax Office, to creating growth strategies that minimise taxable income and maximise your return on investment.

Your business journey: Our specialist accountants can also help with estate planning and business decisions, advice to help grow wealth over time and thrive. Investors and business owners can rest assured that their tax and accounting needs are being managed according to the highest standards of accountability and integrity.

Get Taxation and Business Advice Before Selling Your Business


If you are running a business, you know how important it is to have professional accounting services to handle your tax returns and other financial matters.

A qualified accountant that is a registered tax agent can provide advice on tax compliance, help with filing returns, and assist with tax planning for sole traders, companies and family trusts.

Additionally, a professional accountant can also offer support in areas such as tax strategies and business planning.

With dedicated industry experienced accountants on hand, all aspects of your business are taken care of in the most efficient way possible.   Drawing on our experience in the industry, we can provide advice to assist in enhancing profitability while ensuring compliance with all applicable tax laws and regulations.

Putting Daylight Between You And Your Competition


Giving your business the edge it needs is critical to its success. Achieving this goal starts with finding the right accounting partner.

Having a business specialist and qualified accountants by your side who understand your financial goals can help you realise your potential.

With in-house accounting services such as bookkeeping, BAS and GST, we stay on top of the financials while you focus on achieving your business objectives.

Access to extensive knowledge and a comprehensive level of support, Assuris FIG business specialists deliver a level of confidence to help you achieve your financial goals and give your business the competitive advantage it needs.

Business life made easy, with Assuris FIG.

Assuris FIG is accredited to provide income tax and BAS services, accounting and business advisory services.

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