Our History and Vision

All clients, whether they are first-time investors or established business leaders, have a drive to create something that is better than what they have today.

They are natural problem solvers and confident in their abilities, which is why they begin this journey.

They are fearless and committed to their goals.

We love working with these clients but typically see three types of challenges arise:

1. Businesses with boundless energy and race off into the market without the knowledge and guidance to avoid common yet costly pitfalls,
2. Business owners who take on too much responsibility and eventually become overwhelmed and exhausted or,
3. Achieve fast growth yet hit major cross-roads and don’t have strong advisors to help them at critical points in time.

No one starts a business thinking they will fail. Similarly, business owners are often lured into the dream without understanding the pressures associated with it; on their health and wellbeing, family and lifestyle. Running a business, or an investment portfolio can be a major burden without the right people, processes, and strategy in place.

Experiencing our fair share of failures and celebrating our successes, we understand and know what the difference is between just getting by and the persevering charge of the cavalry. The difference between losing motivation and having a razor-sharp focus with a relentless desire to win.

Assuris Financial Independence Group

Empowering Business Owners

to Achieve Sustainable Growth.

Dedicated to empowering everday businesses by leveraging our extensive expertise and experience gained in the corporate world.

Our initial years have been spent crafting and adapting our big business know-how to support the humble business start-up to the more established businesses.

We continue to battle test and innovate our processes so we can best leverage our experience and expertise, delivering an unfair advantage to more Australian everyday businesses.

Sharing our own journey has also been one of humble origins, consisting of nurturing, trimming, and training for relevancy and purpose. To be relevant in today’s digital world by being progressive and adapting to the dynamic environments in which we live and trade in.

The purpose is one of empowering business owners through education and engagement, to do better business, easier.

Our Mission and Vision are not just mere words, they are a call to action.

Our Vision:

Our mission is to help communities build successful and sustainable businesses that can thrive in today's digital world. We believe that by providing access to expert advice, resources, and support, we empower businesses to thrive in today's economy.

Our Mission:

To inspire and support community business owners and investors to become financially independent by:
• Navigating complex taxation and finance obligations,
• Advising on digitally enabled tools and systems to improve efficiencies and,

• Releasing business owners from the burden of mundane compliance so they can focus on growing their business.

Together, we can make a positive impact and unlock a brighter future.

Our Promise:

• Be the most progressive and trusted public practice in taxation, accounting, and business advisory solutions in Melbourne’s West.

• Support our local community by inspiring ambitious local business owners achieve sustainable growth and ultimately realise financial independence.

• Leverage our commercial experience and expertise to guide you through today’s digitally connected world are our point of difference.

• Empower businesses to act in a socially responsibility way and building strong, sustainable communities that thrive. This is the cornerstone of our business.

• Deliver a holistic approach in managing your financial needs adds value to you and those around you, investing today for a rewarding tomorrow.

‘Assuris’ resonates with our unwavering dedication to serving you.

The name ‘Assuris’ is a testament of our commitment to you, our clients.

Every touchpoint of your journey with us will reinforce a sense of confidence and assurance that you have the right team by your side. We are relentless in instilling the highest level of confidence and trust every single day.

The humble fig.

Our logo features an outline of a fig, which not only stands for Financial Independence Group but also signifies life and vitality. The humble fig is a universally accepted from ancient times as a source of nutrition and sustenance which if the fig tree is nurtured and cared for, will cultive to a majestic tree yielding a glorious harvest.

The majestic fig tree embodies our unwavering commitment to nurturing a profound connection with our clients, transcending the mere bounds of transactional relationships. It serves as an emblem of our steadfast dedication to cultivating enduring partnerships.

The journey to financial independence may be challenging,
the reward is definitely worth it.


We understand why our clients do what they do.

Their goal is always to create financial independence, and at Assuris FIG we like to make that easy.

Our team have a wealth of commercial business experience, working in small and medium enterprise, and are extremely well versed on how to plan, grow and prosper in highly competitive markets.

Our goal is to inspire business owners, investors and their people, cultivating a positive and high-performance team culture, respectful client-advisor relationships, and grow and succeed together.

Our Story - A Tale Of Optimism

At the heart of our organisation lies a powerful mission and vision that inspire us to strive for greatness every day.

Our Promise: Is to inspire and empower those around us, to create a better future for all.

Origin of Assuris FIG.

Inspiring success, to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Our journey and beyond.