Business Turnaround

Business turnaround refers to the process of turning around a struggling or failing business.

It involves implementing a new strategy and management approach to improve the business performance and profitability.

The success of a business turnaround depends on the timely identification and address of issues such as liquidity and profitability.

A successful process involves intervention from external experts, who can provide advice and assist with the implementation of the new strategy, as well as support from the internal management team.

The implementation of the strategy requires a deep understanding of the organisation's operations and the ability to make tough decisions in order to cut costs and improve productivity.

Ultimately, business turnaround aims to get the business back on track and operating successfully.

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The process may also involve restructuring the organisation, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing overall business strategy.


Business turnaround is a process companies go through to improve their financial performance and overall health.

It involves assessing the business operations and finances to identify areas of weakness and then making changes to address these issues.

Turnaround specialists are often brought in to help with this process, who can also be professional accountants. The management team works closely with these stakeholders to review operationally, any dead weight, and restructure the company, prioritise spending, and manage cash flow. This can often includes reducing staff or cutting expenses, renegotiating outstanding debt, and implementing new strategies to improve profitability.

Ultimately, the goal of business turnaround is to restore financial health and stability to the company so that it can continue to operate successfully in the long-term.

If you need any help with your business turnaround, please do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion with your business needs.

It is possible to assist struggling businesses to regain their footing and avoid insolvency.

Businesses can face financial troubles for a variety of reasons from market changes, economic conditions, internal mismanagement or rapid expansion.

When a business is facing financial difficulties, restructuring can be a solution.

Specialised professionals such as accountants, CPA or business turnaround specialists can help businesses navigate their financial crisis.

Engaging these professionals early on can give the business the best chance of getting back on track and potentially avoid liquidation.

Through a business turnaround, these specialists will work to analyse the root issues of the business and formulate a plan that can help them get to a financially stable position.

Getting expert help early on can help a business avoid insolvency and get on the path to recovery.

Our methods allow for sustainable improvements, rather than temporary fixes.


Assuris FIG's approach to business turnaround management is unique due to its hands-on and intimate approach.

We recognise that a successful turnaround requires more than simply implementing effective strategies - it requires building trust with each member of the organisation and gaining buy-in from stakeholders.

To achieve this, the team at Assuris FIG employs a communicative leadership style and works closely with each member of the organisation.

Communication is key, and this ensures that everyone is on the same page by communicating regularly and consistently. The leadership is inspirational and provides a clear sense of direction for the business turnaround.

Overall, Assuris FIG's approach goes beyond quick fixes and implements long-lasting, effective solutions.

We work closely with clients to identify the root causes of their struggles and develop customised solutions to address them.


Assuris FIG provides essential assistance for clients looking to undergo a business turnaround.

Their advisor helps clients navigate the difficult process of rebuilding and reviving their business.

They work closely with the management team to identify the key areas that need improvement and prioritise their efforts. This ensures that the business can bounce back stronger in the long term.

Thanks to the expertise and guidance offered by Assuris FIG, clients can rely on a customised approach designed to address their unique needs and goals.

Whether struggling with financial problems or other issues, clients can count on the support of Assuris FIG to help them overcome any challenges they may face on their path to recovery.

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