ASIC Services

Company secretarial services are a vital part of any business.

Providing essential administrative assistance to ensure corporate compliance with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) statutory requirements.

These services include:

  • Appointment and maintenance of a company secretary,
  • Preparation and execution of board meetings and,
  • Maintenance of corporate records and filing requirements with (ASIC)

We provide detailed company secretarial services to ensure businesses remain in compliance with all relevant legal regulations. Our team can provide expert guidance on applicable statutory requirements.

Whether you need advice on compliance matters or assistance, we can guide you every step of the way.

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Company Secretarial Services for Australian ASIC Administrative Requirements

These services provide essential administrative support to companies.


A business using a company as part of its structure needs to properly manage their administration and comply with necessary regulatory requirements.

Corporate secretarial services provide company clients with the expertise needed to ensure that their corporate entity is up-to-date on all the applicable laws and regulations, including the Corporations Act.

Registed ASIC agents, Assuris FIG company secretary services are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Delivering a flexible and comprehensive approach, responsive to managing regulatory compliance requirements.

These wide range of corporate services can also attend to manage shareholder, accounting and administrative processes. This level of assisted management provides an important layer of protection for businesses, helping them stay compliant while also efficiently managing their operations.

Using these services is cost-effective, businesses can rest assured that they are meeting all the necessary regulations and requirements for running a successful business.

Professional assistance to companies in complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

Corporate secretarial services are provided to businesses to ensure that their company meets all compliance obligations.

These services provide administrative support in ensuring the legal and regulatory requirements of the company are met.

This includes:

  • ASIC annual review,
  • Changes to company documents and,
  • Other general advice related to corporate secretarial tasks.

Corporate secretarial services help companies manage their responsibilities and help them stay compliant with regulations, deadlines and other requirements.

Corporate secretarial services is an important part of any business operations, as they ensure the company is operating in accordance with legislation and taking steps to protect its interests.

Outsourced Company Secretary Services - ASIC Governance and Compliance

Why Does My Business Need Corporate Secretarial Services?

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